Charities are critical to our society and serve many crucial functions. Some people prefer supporting local charities over national ones, for various reasons. Here are ways to do just that.


Why support local over national charities?

Larger charities are often thought of as more efficient and effective. After all, they are managed by an army of executives in suits with polished resumes. But bigger isn’t necessarily better.

Big charities are often unfocused and try to do too many things at once. For example, the Red Cross is involved in everything from education to blood drives to disaster relief in faraway countries. A person might oppose giving them money because it might even help a person in a richer country abroad.

Some smaller charities will allow you to have some say in how they’re managed. Certain people love giving their input on management issues. While that’s possible in some local nonprofits, few major charities would allow that.

National charities are gigantic. They might overlook the area someone lives in. A local charity, by definition, is located in the area and can sometimes better serve it.

Smaller charities also can be more innovative. Big charities often have a lot of red tape.


Keep Your Money Local

The first way is the most obvious. Money keeps a charity going and allows it to achieve its mission. Be aware of where you’re sending your money.

National charities might have sleek mailings and online campaigns. When it comes to writing a check though, keep it local. You might want to even end the monthly donation commitments that many people have set up. You can use the funds to give more to local nonprofits.


Discover New Ways to Give Locally

Often, the easiest way is online. You might see fundraisers on Facebook. Or there might be a new nonprofit idea on a crowdfunding website. Just be that you’re giving money to someone reputable. Beware of people who will just take your money and not do anything.



Put all your volunteer time towards local charities. They’re usually willing to give more independence to the volunteers. You might even have a say in management decisions.

Local charities have many advantages over national ones. Many prefer local charities because of this. There are many ways you can show your support.